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Forms for Superior Court and Clark County Clerk's Office

Local Court Rules effective Sept 1, 2020 are available on Superior Court Page.

           CICS (Case Information Coversheets)

Rule 4.1(f) requires an Automatic Temporary Order entered upon filing of a Petition for Dissolution, Legal Separation, Declaration of Invalidity, Domestic Partnership or Petition to Establish Residential Schedule/Parenting Plan.  When one these new cases are filed the Clerk will fill out the case heading, case number, and and date the Automatic Temporary Order then print 3; one to file, one for Petitioner, and one for service on respondent.  If the case is E-filed the e-filing clerk will also fill out the Automatic Temporary Order file an original then e-mail it back to the attorney E-filing the case.

The form at right is to be filed at the time of filing a new civil case for certain cause types as indicated in LR 40.

Notice of Assignment to Judicial Department.pdf fill-in form  (updated 2/20/20) Notice of Assignment to Judicial Department.doc 
(updated 6/21/17)
The Joint Status Report at right is to be filed 5 days prior to the mandatory scheduling conference per LR 40(c)(4) and a courtesy copy sent to the assigned judicial department.

Joint Status Report
(New form updated 03/11/2019)

Local Rule 38

Effective 9/1/19:
Order Setting Case Schedule.pdf

Effective 9/1/19:
Order Setting Case Schedule.doc

Use form at right for transfer of civil cases to arbitration.

Statement of Arbitrability (New Form 2/27/2019)

The arbitration fee of $220 is to be paid when this form is filed. 

2020 Block Style Master Schedule

This block style schedule should be viewed along with the 2020 Judge Rotation Schedule in order to determine what the schedule is for any judicial dept. on a given week.

  • Domestic Relations Docket - This form is a guide to determine which Court Commissioner's docket to note a motion based on case number ending digit.
  • Citation Form (Word doc) - This is a general citation for use for noting a motion on the court docket. It can be used for civil, domestic or criminal cases.
  • Citation Form For Change of Plea Dockets (word doc) - This is the citation for to use when citing to criminal change of plea dockets only.  This citation may be fax to the clerk's office and will constitute an original filing.  Please see change of plea information on the County Clerk's Criminal docket cancellations page.
  • Copy Request Form (PDF) - This form is used to request copies from Superior Court files.

Family Law Forms

  • Domestic Relations Forms
  • Forms are available for download on the Web site of the Administrator for the Courts for Washington State. There are also several self-help guides which may assist you. This link will take you to that Web site. 
  • Family Court Facilitator This is a link to information about the Clark County Clerk's Office family court facilitator program for parties handling their family court issues without the assistance of an attorney.
  • Certification Form (word doc) for dissolution cases required per Local Court Rule 11(a)
  • Declaration in Support of Entry (word doc) for finalizing entry of decree
  • 3rd Party Search Form (Word doc - 28KB) for 3rd party custody / non parental custody cases.
  • GR 34 Fee Waiver Forms
    New forms to motion the court for a waiver of filing fees in Domestic and Civil case types are available through the Administrator of the Courts for Washington State.

Clerk's Office form packets and No Contact Order Forms


Forms for Superior Court

Clerk's Office Collection's Unit Forms

  • Waiver of Interest Forms (PDF - 126k) These forms are for requesting a waiver of interest on legal financial obligations on criminal cases once the principal has been paid.
  • Financial Assessment Form (PDF - 28.9) This is the financial assessment form for those individuals who are making payments on court ordered legal financial obligations and are being monitored by the Collections Unit

Guardian Ad Litem Registry

Guardianship Forms

Therapeutic Specialty Courts

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