Changing Your Address

If you moved to a new address within Clark County

You may change your address any of the following ways:

  • Update your address online 
  • Call the Elections Office at 564.397.2345
  • Email and provide your name, birth date, old residential address and new residential address
  • Mail a voter registration form or send a letter to the Elections Office and provide your name, birth date, old residential address, new residential address, and your signature. Mail the letter to:

Clark County Elections Office
PO Box 8815
Vancouver, WA 98666-8815

To change your mailing address, include your old and new mailing addresses. You need to also include your residential address even if your residential address is not changing.

If you moved to another county within Washington

You must register to vote in your new county. You may register either of the following ways:

If you have moved outside Washington

Complete a Request for Cancellation form and mail it to the Elections Office.