Information Technology


The Sheriff's Office enjoys the benefits of many of today's cutting edge technologies in order to more effectively perform its function of law enforcement. A glimpse of some of these technologies include the following.

  • Digital fingerprint scanning equipment for quick identification and matching of suspects, inmates and evidence.
  • Digital booking systems that capture, store and provide criminal information and digital booking photos.
  • Dash mounted touch screen computers in patrol vehicles that aid officers in dispatching, GIS mapping, retrieving state and local information such as booking photos and warrant information, and report writing.
  • 3D crash reconstruction software and equipment to document and recreate major injury accidents.
  • Investigative and crime analysis software to study, track and predict certain types of crime.
  • Electronic police report databases that are shared across many agencies in the county and the prosecutor's office.
  • Digital evidence cameras for detectives and patrol officers.
  • Forensic science applications that aid in capturing physical evidence from fingerprints to deleted computer files.
  • Communications devices such as radios for both voice and data.
  • Many other specialized tools for specific types of investigations, surveillance and analysis.

The research, acquisition and support of these technologies is performed by the Sheriff's Office Information Technology unit.