Civil Process Service


Process Service

Please note:  Effective on January 16, 2023, our in-person hours of operation will be-

Monday-Thursday:  10:00am - 12:00pm and 2:00pm - 4:30pm.

Friday:   2:00pm - 4:30pm

The Civil Unit is a specialized unit of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office that serves legal documents throughout the county, conducts evictions, and enforces orders of the court.

  • The Civil Unit accepts legal documents for service, such as Notices of Small Claim, petitions for dissolution, summons, complaints and so on.  We require payment of fees in advance.
  • The Clark County Sheriff’s Office serves protection orders for the unincorporated areas of Clark County.  City Police agencies are responsible for serving protection orders to individuals living within their city limits.

There is no fee associated with service of protection orders.

Information Needed to Serve:

To assist you more effectively, we will need to know information about the person(s) to be served. Such as - addresses, physical description, phone numbers, dates of birth (if known), hazard information, and service deadlines and requirements.

Please use the Civil Service Intake to provide us with this information as this is your responsibility: 

Be advised, we unable to serve at a P.O. Box and we do not guarantee service.


DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED along with service papers

  • Refunds may not apply regardless of completion of service
  • Various protective orders are served at no charge
Process Service Deposit fee schedule

Deposit options:

  • Cash 
  • Business check payable to Clark County Sheriff
  • Cashier’s check or money order payable to Clark County Sheriff
  • Credit/Debit card-subject to a convenience fee 
  • If you are sending your packet via mail and wish to pay your deposit by credit/debit -please specify that information in your cover letter: we will contact you with payment information by phone or email (subject to a convenience fee).

Paying a bill?  

Click credit/debit to pay by credit card. You will need the ID number from your billing letter.

Questions? Please contact our office by phone or email: 


You have two options to get service paperwork to our office by mail or in person.  

  • If mailing, please use the following address:

              Clark County Sheriff’s Office
              Attn: Civil Unit
              PO Box 410
              Vancouver, WA 98666

  • In person, we are located at the following address:

              707 W 13th St Vancouver, WA 98660 
              We are on the bottom floor of the building. Please look for the designated Civil Window.