Alarm Registration


Clark County Code 5.60 requires that all private security alarm systems in the unincorporated Clark County jurisdiction must be registered with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office before activation. Clark County’s code governing security alarms is in place to assist the Clark County Sheriff’s Office in reducing false calls, increasing alarm permit compliance, and encouraging proper alarm system operation.  Security alarm users who fail to obtain an alarm permit may be subject to penalties and disconnection. The cost for an alarm permit is $20.00 per year.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office only processes alarm permits for locations within the unincorporated area of Clark County. To check your addresses’ jurisdiction, visit Clark County’s Property Information Center. (Addresses in the unincorporated area of Clark County are shown as “Clark County” under Jurisdiction.) For all other jurisdictions, please check with your local law enforcement agency for registration requirements.


Download registration form. To apply for a security alarm permit, please submit a completed registration form via mail to the address below along with a check or money order for $20.00.

Clark County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Alarms
PO Box 410
Vancouver, WA 98666

If you have any questions, please contact the Alarm Coordinator at (564) 397-2127 or