Evictions/Writs of Restitution


Writs of Restitution

An eviction (Writ of Restitution) involves a tenant being ordered by the court to leave a residence. The court follows the landlord-tenant act of the State of Washington. More information about these laws can be found at RCW 59.12, RCW 59.18, and RCW 59.20.  



  • 4 duplicate original Writs of Restitution - with original seal and signature of clerk
  • 1 Order Granting the Writ (copy)
  • 1 Completed Request for Storage of Personal Property
  • Evictions not covered under the Landlord /Tenant Act, RCW 59.18, require Sheriff’s Indemnity Bond (original Sheriff's Indemnity Bond to Sheriff Chuck E. Atkins: The Sheriff’s Office determines the final acceptable amount on the bond.  The minimum bond amount is $10,000.00; Plaintiff (name and title) (not plaintiff's representative or attorney unless limited power of attorney is provided) and bonding company must sign the bond; Bond caption must match the caption of the writ; The bond must have cause number and list the correct court order/writ we are acting on)
  • -Completed by Landlord/Owner 

Deposits are required

               Clark County Sheriff’s Office
               Attn: Civil Unit
               PO Box 410
               Vancouver, WA 98666