Below are some commonly requested documents provided by the Sheriff's Office. Where applicable short explanations are provided. All documents are provided in PDF format. The application necessary to view these files can be obtained free from


Chart depicting current organizational makeup of the Sheriff's Office.
Clark County Sheriff's Office organizational chart

Clark County Sheriff's Office annual report.
Clark County Sheriff's Office Annual Report (2021)


The policies and procedures relating to persons housed in the Clark County Jail.

This form is to be submitted by Professional Visitors only.  Professional visitors are attorneys and legal personnel, court and state agency personnel, and authorized medical and mental health professionals and programs.  For more information contact Jail Administration.

Permits and Forms

Submit this permit application with the required fee to the Sheriff's Office in order to receive a permit for your alarm.

Submit this permit application with the required fee to the Sheriff's Office, located at 707 W 13th St., Vancouver, WA in order to receive a permit to carry a concealed weapon. For more information and rules of eligibility visit the firearms FAQ page.

Address change form for Sex Offenders already residing in Clark County. To be used when changing an address from one location in Clark County to another location in Clark County ONLY. Form provided for convenience only; does not relieve any requirement to check in with the Sex Offender Unit.