Concealed Pistol Licenses

Applications are accepted at the following location:

Clark County Law Enforcement Center 
Front Desk Reception (main floor)
707 W 13th St.
Vancouver, WA  98660

Due to COVID-19, social distancing and wearing of your own mask prior to and while in the building are required.

New CPL services are by appointment only.  Call 564-397-2211, select option 8.

No appointment is needed for replacement or renewal CPL services.

Available days and times:

Monday through Friday except holidays or county closures:
8:30 am to 4 pm
Applications are not provided or accepted after 4 pm.

Applicants must be Clark County residents or Out of State residents.  State of Washington residents outside Clark County, must apply at their local County Sheriff's office.  All applications are required to be done in person; mail in applications can not be processed.  Any applicant convicted of a felony can not have a permit unless rights have been restored by the appropriate court.

New look for concealed pistol license (CPL)

As of March 1, 2018, we began issuing CPLs on hard plastic stock similar to a driver license. The front of the license features a red stripe with the Washington State seal. The licensee’s information, license number and expiration date also appears on the front with an image of the CCSO Sheriff's badge logo. The reverse side of the license displays “CLARK COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE” with our agency number and Sheriff Atkins’ signature. The Clark County Sheriff's Office is now issuing a revised CPL, which includes the licensee's photo in place of the badge logo. Read more information and view example of the new CPL.

Restoration of Rights to possess a firearm

The following information is provided to assist persons understanding their eligibility for a Restoration of Rights to Possess Firearms. It is not offered as legal advice. Sheriff’s Office staff are unable to provide legal advice. 

If a person has been convicted of an offense which is punishable by imprisonment for more than one year (any felony), that person loses their right to possess firearms and must ask the court where they were convicted to restore their gun rights.

There are rules which prevent some people from having their gun rights restored. Under Washington State law these are some situations that prevent a Restoration of Gun Rights:

  • A person convicted of any felony defined under any law as a class A felony and/or with a maximum sentence of at least twenty years, in any jurisdiction cannot have their gun rights restored for those convictions;
  • A person convicted of sex offenses cannot have their gun rights restored for those convictions;
  • If the felony conviction (Class B or C) was received in another state, then the Restoration of Gun Rights must be obtained from the court of jurisdiction (federal or state) in THAT state;
  • A person who has been “adjudicated mentally defective.” cannot have their gun rights restored.
  • A Restoration of Gun Rights for some misdemeanor crimes of Assault IV Domestic Violence may result in a Federal prohibition on possession of a firearm.
  • A Restoration of Rights issued by a Washington Court may not resolve an out-of-state conviction especially if such conviction is the basis of a federal firearms prohibition.

This list of situations that prevent the restoration of gun rights is specific to Washington State. Federal law may be different from Washington State law. You may have restrictions on gun rights from another state. Because of these reasons, IT IS POSSIBLE THAT EVEN THOUGH YOU OBTAIN A COURT ORDER RESTORING YOUR GUN RIGHTS, THE SHERIFF’S OFFICE COULD DENY YOUR PETITION FOR A CONCEALED PISTOL LICENSE OR AN APPLICATION TO PURCHASE FIREARMS.

Please contact the Clark County Law Library for a Restoration of Gun Rights packet (, review Washington Revised Code § 9.41.040 for specific crimes and limitations and contact an attorney for legal assistance. 

Payment options

  • Cash or personal check
  • Credit/debit - subject to a convenience fee

Original permit requirements

Renewal/late renewal requirements

  • State or Federally issued identification (ex: state driver license, military ID, passport)
  • $32.00 for those permits not expired (no earlier than 90 days before expiration)
  • $42.00 for those permits expired 90 days or less
  • If your previous permit has been expired for more than 90 days, you are required to apply as an original
  • Completed State of Washington Concealed Pistol License Application

Replacement requirements

No ATM or debit capabilities are available in our building.

Processing of any type of permit for county residents will take 30 days and out of state residents will take 60 days.

For additional information about concealed weapons permits and firearms, please go to the State of Washington website.

Shooting boundaries

View boundary map of restricted shooting areas in Clark County.  Read Clark County Code 9.12.030 (No shooting near habitation).