Submit Tip to Drug Investigators

Please use the following box to describe suspicious activity or reasons for your belief that drug activity is occurring.  Information that is most useful for the investigation of drug activity includes the following:

  • Involved vehicles and associated license plates
  • House address and/or property descriptions where activity is occurring
  • Times of day when activity is observed anything else that you feel is out of the ordinary
  • Names and descriptions of suspects or other parties involved

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. While we eagerly seek your assistance, keep in mind that KNOWINGLY providing false information is a crime under Washington State Law.

assignment Activity Information

In order to best address your concerns, it is occasionally necessary for an Investigator to contact you for clarifying information. Without the ability to contact you, it may be difficult or impossible to address the tip, so please enter either an email address or phone number. If you choose to remain anonymous, YOUR NAME AND CONTACT INFORMATION WILL NOT BE RELEASED TO THE SUBJECT(S) OF THE TIP. It will only be used by the Investigator to best address the concern. Due to the high volume of drug tips received, it is not possible to investigate every tip. Thank you.
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