Divorce (dissolution)

General information

General information about getting divorced is available from Washington LawHelp.

Clark County's Family Court Facilitator program provides assistance to individuals who choose to represent themselves in matters dealing with many family law issues. The facilitator is available for in-person assistance by appointment for a fee.

Forms and instructions

Washington State's official mandatory pattern forms for divorce (dissolution) cases are on the State Court website. The forms are listed in the order they are filed in a typical divorce.

Washington LawHelp has forms and instructions for divorce proceedings:

Washington LawHelp also has forms and instructions if there is a child from the marriage:

Instructions and checklists of forms to ask for, respond to, and finalize a divorce can be found on the Family Court Facilitator's family law instructions page.

Additional resources

Resources that are available from the State Court include:

Washington LawHelp has information about how to enforce (make sure everyone follows) the final divorce order and collect the money or property your ex-spouse must pay or give you.

Additional print resources about divorce and dissolution as well as other family law topics are available at the law library.

Free eBooks about divorce and other family law topics

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How to find family law eBooks

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