Civil standby

General information

This is a paid service offered by the Clark County Sheriff's Office to assist people who are taking possession of personal property awarded to them by a court order when it's not possible to work it out with the other party. This is considered self-possession, and is different from repossession.

The role of the Sheriff’s Office in civil standby is to keep the peace. They do not assist with packing or carrying items, and do not mediate disputes.

Fees for civil standby have a minimum of $200 and can be more depending on time and resources needed. You should be prepared with vehicles and people to assist you if needed to reduce your cost.


To use this service, you must have a court order awarding you specific personal property. Contact the Sheriff's Office Civil Unit for details and requirements before you seek a court order: Call 564.397.2225 or email

Court orders must list items you are entitled to in sufficient detail to identify them. The Sheriff's Office must be able to verify that the correct property is being collected. For example:

  • If you are taking possession of a vehicle, the order must specify the make, model, year, color, and the VIN number. 
  • If you are taking possession of personal property awarded to you in a divorce order that does not have enough detail to identify items, you would need to ask for a separate order detailing those items before you can use a civil standby. Include descriptions such as "red and blue striped loveseat" rather than "sofa" in the order.

After contacting the Civil Unit and obtaining a court order, bring your court order to the Clark County Sheriff's Office Civil Department to schedule a time and pay the fees. Scheduling will generally take several weeks.