Law Library overview


In accordance with RCW Chapter 27.24, the law library provides a professional legal collection for judges, prosecutors, other lawyers, and county and state officials. The collection is available to the public any time the library is open, and more than 90 percent of reference questions come from non-attorneys.

Library information brochure

Help available at the library

Law Library interior

A law librarian is available during the library's open hours to help you find relevant materials and show you how to use library resources. Librarians are not attorneys and are prohibited by law from offering legal advice or opinions on legal issues.

The information provided by the library is not intended to substitute for legal or professional advice. You should consult with a lawyer about how information you find may or may not apply to your unique situation.

Research materials to use at the library

Most of the law library’s collection is listed in the online catalog so you can see what titles are available. Library materials are for research purposes so need to be used in the library.

The library's print collection includes:

  • Practice guides to learn more about the law
  • Form books
  • State statutes and administrative codes and other primary legal materials
  • Court rules

There are two computers in the library that can be used for legal research. A librarian can help you learn how to conduct a search. Time limits apply. Printing is available for 25 cents per page.

The library's online resources include:

  • Westlaw: Extensive legal materials for Washington, other states, federal, and practice materials
  • Lexis: Washington-specific and federal materials
  • NOLO: Legal self-help books

Legal forms available at the library

The law library has forms for a variety of subject areas. Many forms are specific to Washington, but there are also national form book sets that can be adapted to other situations.

The mandatory court forms for family law and some other topics are available for photocopying.

There are two photocopiers in the library. Copies are 20 cents per page, and the copiers accept cash and credit/debit cards.

self-help form kits

The library sells self-help kits with forms and instructions on many topics. Form kits can be purchased with cash or credit/debit card at the library or online and mailed. Kit prices vary.

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