General information

This article from T-Square Real Estate Services has an overview of the differences between squatters and tenants, squatters rights, and how to evict a squatter.

Pierce County Law Library has a video, Trespass, Squatters, and Ejectment, in which attorney Adam Birnbaum discusses the difference between tenants and non-tenants and the different remedies required to remove non-tenants.

Forms and instructions

Squatters can be removed by following a process described in RCW Section 9A.52.105 and using the form described in RCW Section 9A.52.115. The form, Request to Remove Trespassers, lists the statements you must swear to be true for the person to be considered a squatter subject to removal.

The Rental Housing Association of Washington has an overview of the requirements of the law.

People removed under this procedure based on false statement can sue according to RCW Section 4.24.355 to recover actual damages, costs, and reasonable attorneys' fees from the person making the declaration.

To begin the process after you determine you meet the requirements in the law, call 311 and let them know this is a criminal trespass situation rather than a civil eviction. They should direct you to the correct agency. For property within the City of Vancouver, call the Vancouver Police Department at 360.487.7400. For property within the jurisdiction of the Clark County Sheriff's Office, call the West Precinct at 564.397.2211.