CDBG and HOME Applications

Applications for Clark County CDBG and HOME funds available annually on the first Monday in October.

Applications for Clark County Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) funds are available on the first business day of October. Applicants must complete the Applicant Information and Eligibility Verification sections of the online application by October 31.

Applications will be completed in Neighborly Software.

Applicants are encouraged to participate in a hybrid pre-application workshop, October 6, 2022. Use the links below to connect virtually, or attend in person at Center for Community Health, 1601 E Fourth Plain, Bldg. 17, Room C210 B, for the section relating to your application type.

Fully completed applications are due by the first business day of December.


Public Facilities and Neighborhood Improvements - 9-9:45 am


  • Street, sidewalk water, sewer, parks, and recreational facility improvements
  • Community center/social service facility construction or rehabilitation
  • Emergency shelter construction or rehabilitation

Click HERE to join the technical assistance workshop.

Video of workshop (begins at 0:00)

Affordable Housing and Homelessness - 11-11:45 am


  • New construction or rehab of multi-family housing, acquisition of existing units or land for multifamily development, conversion of an existing structure for use as affordable housing
  • Tenant-based Rental Assistance (TBRA) programs

Click HERE to join the technical assistance workshop.

Video of workshop (beings at 51:14)

Asset and Economic Development - 10am 10:45pm


  • New construction or rehabilitation of single-family housing, homeownership assistance, land acquisition or infrastructure for single-family development
  • Small business technical assistance or development, micro-enterprise development, business incubators, façade improvements

Click HERE to join the technical assistance workshop.

Video of workshop (begins at 31:20)

Application Process for CDBG and HOME funding

1. Applications are released at the beginning of October for the following year's funding allocations.
2. A mandatory pre-application is due on October 31.
3. The final application is due by the first business day of December.
4. The Urban County Policy Board (UCPB) reviews the applications in January. 
5. Applicants have the opportunity to present their project or program requests to the Board in February.
6. Selection and recommendations for these funds are made by the Urban County Policy Board at the regularly scheduled meeting on the second Monday in March.
7. Contracts are intended to begin in August.


Housing developers, nonprofit organizations, and local governments may apply. Proposed projects must benefit low- to moderate-income people and comply with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s funding criteria.

To be added to the stakeholders list or if you need assistance or program information, contact Emily Langston at 564.397.7842.

The City of Vancouver receives its own allocation of CDBG and HOME funds for projects inside the city limits. Please contact the City of Vancouver at 360.487.7952 for more information.

Workshop Questions and Answers (PDF)
CDBG and HOME Questions and Answers (PDF)
UCPB Application Funding Guidelines (PDF)
Scoring Rubric (PDF)