Teen Talk

Five Peppys drawn as Inside Out emotions, three Peppys on the phone and on the computer, and a drawing of Peppy writing on a piece of paper.

Nonjudgmental support for teens, by teens 

Visit our website (ccteentalk.clark.wa.gov) to find resources, things to do, and more!

Want to talk?

Who we are

We are warmline offering nonjudgmental peer-to-peer support for a variety of topics, including but not limited to: depression, anxiety, LGBTQ+, family and friends, school, STIs and health issues, and sports.

We started as a result of information gathered by Clark County’s Youth Suicide Prevention Task Force. Interviewed youth stressed the importance of having someone in their peer group to talk to about difficult issues.

We represent a diverse array of backgrounds, personalities, and outlooks on the world. We are eager to assist peers in getting through the difficulties of adolescence.

What we do

We offer support to youth both over the phone at 360.397.2428 (CHAT), through text at 360.984.0936, through social media, and through the Internet. Our volunteers complete 32 hours of training prior to supporting their peers, which provides information about many of the issues facing today’s young people.

Please read our annual report to learn more: 

2021 TeenTalk Annual Report Cover


For more information, contact:

Kris Henriksen​, TeenTalk Program Coordinator

Special Projects

Peppy Penerson is TeenTalk's mascot and serves as our online representative. Peppy has been a youth-driven project with the support of our staff.

TeenTalk staff coordinates monthly “I Work with Teens” community meetings to build partnerships and offer educational workshops geared towards youth-serving programs. 

TeenTalk also offers community presentations in schools and other youth organizations outlining the program and providing important information on youth mental health issues.