CDBG Frequently Asked Questions

There is not a first time home buyer program in the county at this time.

Refer to the Housing Preservation program web page fore more information.

Call the Housing Solutions Center at 360.695.9677.

Individuals can only access CDBG money through the Housing Preservation rehabilitation program. Government agencies, nonprofits, and some for-profit businesses can access money through the annual funding cycle, which starts October 1st of each year. Please refer to the CDBG applications web page for additional information.

The Home Investment Partnerships Program provides funds that can be used for the acquisition of land or buildings, new construction or rehabilitation to produce affordable housing.

Governmental agencies, nonprofits and housing developers can access funds through the annual funding cycle which starts each October 1. Please refer to the HOME applications web page for additional information.

Eligible applicants include Clark County's small cities and towns, special purpose districts, county departments, local units of government, nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses.

Eligible individuals do not receive funds directly from the department, but can get assistance from some organizations we fund.

Generally, CDBG and HOME applications are made available each October 1 and are due in December.

Notices of funding availability are published on the Clark County website, Facebook and Twitter accounts before each funding round. You may also request your name be added to our contacts list to receive notification by email.

CDBG funds are used for public service projects, economic development activities, public facilities improvements and infrastructure improvements.

HOME funds are used for new multi-family construction, tenant-based rental assistance and preservation of existing low-income housing.

The county CDBG Program does not provide assistance to Vancouver residents. The city receives its own CDBG entitlement from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and distributes that money. For more information, contact Peggy Sheehan, CDBG manager, at 360.487.7952.

The Vancouver Housing Authority at 360.694.2501 administers all Section 8 housing for both Vancouver and Clark County. Additional affordable housing and/or homeless shelter units can be found through 2-1-1 Information and Referral and the Council for the Homeless Housing Solutions Center.

If an applicant meets the qualifications required of other applicants to rent, purchase, occupy or finance a home, he or she cannot be denied the housing because of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran/military status, mental or physical disability or use of a service animal.

Refer to our Fair Housing website for more information.

The Oregon Fair Housing Council provides education, outreach and enforcement assistance to combat housing discrimination in the metropolitan Portland/Vancouver region. The telephone number is 1.800.424.3247.

The Fair Housing Unit of the Washington State Human Rights Commission can be reached at 1.800.729.4960.