DD Comprehensive Plan

Clark County Developmental Disabilities Comprehensive Plan


The Developmental Disabilities Comprehensive Five-Year Plan provides an overview of programs and initiatives that can significantly benefit Clark County residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities, or IDD. emphasizes efforts that enable people with developmental disabilities to be life-long vital, productive members of society.

Our community’s response to the plan is contingent on an accurate understanding of the strengths, needs, issues and trends related to people with IDD and their families. The plan summarizes pertinent information and explains the increasing demand for services and supports that can help people live as independently and fully as possible.

Our services and supports are designed to:

•     Improve self-directed, informed choice

•     Build independence and self-sufficiency

•     Nurture people with IDD and their families as they make their way through the life process of planning, education, discovery, and development

•     Contribute to full community participation by planning, developing, and providing robust employment supports resulting in satisfying and successful careers for people with IDD



DD Comprehensive Plan Cover

Clark County Developmental Disabilities Comprehensive Plan 2021-2025