Community Services: Who we are


Clark County Community Services, through partnerships, supports all people in our community to increase their well-being and economic security.


We work to create a thriving community where people are valued and have the resources they need to flourish.



  • Provide responsive and respectful person-centered services
  • Eliminate barriers
  • Offer choices and multiple access points
  • Promote self-determination

Collaboration & Partnerships

  • Develop and maintain productive relationships
  • Work with the community without duplicating efforts
  • Assume goodwill

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Honor and promote diversity, inclusion, and equity
  • Provide accommodation and opportunities for community involvement


  • Demonstrate good stewardship through flexibility, transparency, and accountability
  • Evaluate outcomes using data to support decisions and effective use of resources


  • Develop employee talent and leadership
  • Provide information, training, and technical assistance


  • Work with passion, integrity, and a positive attitude to serve our community
  • Celebrate accomplishments and achievements with the community


  • Be progressive, visionary, and motivated for continuous improvement
  • Adopt best practices

Equity Statement

Clark County Community Services recognizes past and present injustice and we work to heal it. We believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy and safe life. We have a moral obligation to support all members of our community who are underserved and underrepresented. 

To achieve more equitable services, we must be inclusive and work in partnerships within our community. We use our commitment to equity to inform everything we do to address disparities. We actively listen to and center the voices of those who have been historically underrepresented in order to challenge structural and institutional racism and discrimination.  We honor and respect the experiences and perspectives of the people we serve. We look inward to challenge our own beliefs and barriers. We engage and support diverse communities so that they thrive. 

We celebrate our community becoming more diverse and hold that our journey and success are intertwined with each other.


Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Clark County’s mission is to enhance the quality of life in our diverse community by providing services with integrity, openness, and accountability. Our community is becoming more diverse and has surmounted many changes over recent years. It is imperative that Community Services continues to use public resources effectively and efficiently to serve our County’s most vulnerable populations, to help them access services and opportunities that lead to a better life.

Through an inclusive, staff-led effort, that included feedback from our department’s community advisory boards, county staff, and technical consultants, the Community Services’ Strategic Plan is now available.


For more information, contact Abdelmajid Majidi, 564.397.7819.