County releases most recent Community Needs Assessment in multiple languages

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Vancouver, Wash. – Clark County Community Services this week announced its 2020 Community Needs Assessment is now available in multiple languages. The report, outlining the needs and priorities within the community as identified by people and households experiencing economic hardship is available online and hard copy by request.

The Clark County Community Needs Assessment is now available in English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese and Chuukese on the county website at

The assessment, conducted by the Community Action, Housing, and Development division in Clark County Community Services, is required to be conducted every three years by the Federal Community Services Block Grant Act.

Delays due to the pandemic postponed the adoption of the report until mid-2021. Staff recently was able to get the assessment translated for release to the public.

Persons and households with low incomes provide feedback via a comprehensive survey covering six areas of need: employment, education, housing, income and asset building, physical health, behavioral health and support services. The county conducted the survey in English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese and Chuukese. Clark County received 1,655 responses coming from every region in the county.

The county performed an analysis of the survey responses to understand the needs identified, conduct statistical validation, and check for response-bias. Finally, the county conducted a forum with community members, service providers and policy makers to get further feedback regarding the survey responses. Staff reviewed feedback from the forum which is reflected in the report.

To request a hard copy of the assessment, contact

Rebecca Royce, Community Services