Courthouse Wedding Ceremonies


Ceremony Availability

Ceremonies take place every week day, Monday-Friday, except Federal holidays (see list below), at 4:30pm. All parties should arrive by 4:15pm.

The Judge will continue until all weddings scheduled for that day have been performed and it is up to them to determine the order of the ceremonies.

Each ceremony is private and only takes a few minutes.


Appointments are required, at least one day in advance and you must have a valid marriage license.
Ceremony appointments will only be scheduled during the valid date range of your marriage license.

To make an appointment, your options are:

  • Complete the online form here - Wedding Ceremony Request Form
  • Call our customer service line at (564) 397-2424
  • In person at the District Court Administration office

If you wish to see if a same day appointment is available, please call or come in person to District Court Administration, located on the ground floor of the Courthouse, to make your appointment.

*District Court does not perform wedding ceremonies for anyone that is currently in-custody


The cost for the marriage ceremony is $100.00, payable in cash only and due at the time of the ceremony.


Clark County Courthouse
1200 Franklin Street
Vancouver, WA  98660
Ground or 2nd floor – you will be told which floor when you make your appointment

What you need to provide

  • Two (2) witnesses – the Court cannot provide them for you. They must be at least 14 years old and understand what they are witnessing
  • A valid marriage license, issued from a county in Washington state

**When obtaining a marriage license, there is a three (3) day waiting period, beginning the day that you completed your application and make payment to the Auditor's Office.
Click here for more information about obtaining a Marriage License


Due to occupancy restrictions, no more than 10 guests will be allowed for any ceremony

Outside Ceremonies

District Court is not scheduling outside ceremonies at this time


The courthouse is closed on the following legal holidays:  Holiday Closure Schedule
*Regular courthouse ceremonies will not be performed