Name Change


A person desiring to change their name may file an action in the District Court of their residence. Petitions are available in the District Court Administration Office and below.

Filing Fees: Filing fees are due at the time of filing and are non-refundable.
$296.50 Individual Adult
$298.50 Family or Minor

Fee Waivers: Pursuant to GR 34, a fee waiver is available upon request. If your fee waiver is granted, all filing, administrative, and recording fees will be waived. Fee waivers do not cover additional name change orders. Any additional copies will be $5.00 each.

Petitions must be filed in person. If you need accommodations, please contact District Court at (564) 397-2424.

Name Change Information (PDF)
Petition for Individual Adult (PDF)
Petition for Minor (PDF)
Petition for Family (PDF)
**Civil Confidential Information Form (PDF) **Required for ALL NAME CHANGES
Consent of Natural Parent for Minor Name Change (PDF)

Any person requesting that their name change be sealed needs to file their petition in Superior Court. For questions, please contact Superior Court at (564) 397-2292.

If you are trying to obtain a copy of a previous name change order, please visit the Clark County Auditor's recording site.