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Clark County District Court Probation

The Probation department operates under the direction of Clark County District Court to provide court-ordered supervision, investigations and classes. In partnership with government and community agencies, Probation promotes community safety through the use of evidence-based practices and appropriate interventions while working with offenders to encourage good social behavior and reduce recidivism.

Research–based tools/methods include:

  • Pre-trial risk assessment and investigation
  • Post-conviction risk/needs assessments targeting higher risk offenders and behaviors that result in criminal behavior
  • Gender-responsive supervision
  • Case planning
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Cognitive behavioral classes
  • Supervision in District Court’s therapeutic, problem-solving courts


  • Pre-trial release and supervision staff investigate arrested individuals and provide information to the courts for a determination on release and financial eligibility for the appointment of counsel. Staff supervise defendants who are released by District and Superior courts pending adjudication.
  • Supervised probation and deferred prosecution clients are required to report in person regularly to their assigned case manager and comply with their assigned conditions.
  • Classes staff instruct/facilitate evidence-based classes.

Probation fees:

  • Offenders may be ordered by the court to pay a fee for probation services.
  • Probation fees are added to the fine/fees associated to the case(s) in District Court.
  • Probation fees are paid thru District Court.

Probation Office Contact List

Pretrial Release Questions: (564) 397-4414

Probation Screening Line: (564) 397-4151
**Call AFTER your sentencing hearing

Probation Questions: (564) 397-4113

All other questions: (564) 397-2424

Requests for Public Records:

To request public records involving Probation, visit


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