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Clark County District Court Probation

The Probation department operates under the direction of Clark County District Court to provide court-ordered supervision, investigations and classes. In partnership with government and community agencies, Probation promotes community safety through the use of evidence-based practices and appropriate interventions while working with offenders to encourage good social behavior and reduce recidivism.

Research–based tools/methods include:

  • Pre-trial risk assessment and investigation
  • Post-conviction risk/needs assessments targeting higher risk offenders and behaviors that result in criminal behavior
  • Gender-responsive supervision
  • Case planning
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Cognitive behavioral classes
  • Supervision in District Court’s therapeutic, problem-solving courts


  • Pre-trial release and supervision staff investigate arrested individuals and provide information to the courts for a determination on release and financial eligibility for the appointment of counsel. Staff supervise defendants who are released by District and Superior courts pending adjudication.
  • Supervised probation and deferred prosecution clients are required to report in person regularly to their assigned case manager and comply with their assigned conditions.
  • Classes staff instruct/facilitate evidence-based classes.

Probation fees:

  • Offenders may be ordered by the court to pay a fee for probation services.
  • Probation fees are added to the fine/fees associated to the case(s) in District Court.
  • Probation fees are paid thru District Court.

Probation Services is open from 6:30am-4:30pm Monday thru Friday, and closed for County Holidays. We are closed every day from 12:30-1:00pm for lunch.

Probation Services is located in the basement of the Law Enforcement Center. If you exit the courthouse and go across the breezeway into the Clark County Justice Center, veer right down the hall to access the elevator to the basement. Please note that the Sheriffs Entrance from the breezeway into the Justice Center opens at 8:00am. To access the office before 8:00am, please use the North Lobby Entrance that faces the parking lot and 13th Street.

Probation Services Map

Pretrial Release Questions: (564) 397-4414

Probation Screening Line: (564) 397-4151
**Call AFTER your sentencing hearing

Probation Questions: (564) 397-4113

All other questions: (564) 397-2424

Requests for Public Records:

To request public records involving Probation, visit


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