Pretrial is a time period after an individual has been cited, but before they have been convicted of a crime. Clark County District Court Pretrial Services supervises clients in both Superior Court and District Court who are being cited for a crime and pending adjudication. Case Managers will supervise clients on conditions ordered by the Judge on the Pretrial Release Order.

If you have been ordered to Pretrial Supervision, a Superior or District Court Judge will assign you a Pretrial Release Level. The level ordered determines the requirements for reporting. The levels include:

  • Recognizance: You are not required to report. 
  • Administrative: Every other week phone check in’s as scheduled with your Case Manager
  • Enhanced: Once per month in person check-in and once per month phone check in as scheduled with your Case Manager
  • Intensive: Every other week in person check ins as scheduled by your Case Manager

HOW TO GET STARTED: After court, you will call the Pretrial Intake line at (564) 397-4414, or, you can report to Clark County District Court Probation Services- see for location instructions and information

Clients may be ordered to report in person to Clark County District Court Probation Services. Please see the Probation Tab for information on how to locate our office.


  • UAs at 2Watch: Drug testing must be completed at 2 Watch Monitoring. Drug testing can be both random and scheduled depending on the conditions ordered. Client need to contact 2watch monitoring at (564) 888-2977 to get started. For more information, please visit their website at
  • Electronic Home Monitoring/GPS with Alert Notification/SCRAM: please see for more information
  • Ignition Interlock: Is a breathalyzer installed for car ignitions to prevent users from being able to start their vehicle after drinking alcohol. Devices require user to submit a breath sample that tests for breath alcohol content. If its under the limit then the driver may start the car. The car will only start if the breath sample passes.  Below are some agencies that are typically used by Pretrial clients to fulfill this condition of release; however District Court does not endorse any of these agencies:

Smart Start Ignition Interlock
(360) 355-3239

RoadGuard Interlock
8901 NE 117th Ave Bldg C Vancouver, WA
(360) 944-5055

*Hybrid/electric vehicles need to be installed/serviced by Smart Start and RoadGuard only

1 (360) 819-7535                                 
1 (800) 332-6858                                                   

Intoxalock Ignition Interlock
1 (844) 899-6211 

LifeSafer Ignition Interlock
1 (360) 807-5782