Service Information

  • Once the Notice of Small Claim is filed with the clerk, it must be "served" or presented to the defendant by someone other than the person who filed the claim, either by personal service or through the mail. The Notice can be served in any of the ways listed in RCW 4.28.080, including giving a copy of the Notice to the defendant or leaving it at the defendant's usual residence with a person who is responsible enough to give it to the defendant.
  • The Notice can be served only by one of the following:
    • A person over the age of 18 who is competent to be a witness and is not a party to the action.
    • The sheriff or a deputy of the county in which the court is located. 
    • Instead of personal service, the Notice can be sent to the defendant by registered or certified mail. If the Notice is mailed, a return receipt with the signature of the party being served must be filed with the court. 
    • The defendant must be served the Notice at least twenty calendar days before the scheduled hearing.
    • For service by Clark County Sheriff’s Office visit