DUI Court


The mission of Clark County DUI Court is to provide effective drug/alcohol treatment to eligible moderate to high risk/ needs offenders, thereby reducing crime and improving the quality of life in our community. The District Court’s DUI Court looks to use leading evidence based practices along with community collaboration, coupled with a high degree of therapeutic jurisprudence and accountability, to ensure the highest level in community safety and rehabilitation for offender populations.


Multiple DUI offenders have a high rate of recidivism and pose a threat to the safety of the community. The potential participant must qualify under the guidelines as defined in RCW 2.30.030 for drug & mental health courts along with Title 38 USCS 101 (2) "Veteran Benefits" with the following local conditions outlined: 

The participant must:
  • Be an adult with DUI charges/probation violations filed in Clark County District Court 
  • Must reside in Clark County, Washington at time of opt in and remain a legal resident throughout the duration of the program 
  • Have DSM -V, Axis I primary diagnosis for a substance use disorder and/or co-occurring disorder 
  • The alleged criminal behavior in the pending offense must be related to or caused by the individual ’s diagnosis as supported by the suitability screen and/or evaluation 
  • The defendant has the mental capacity and ability to appreciate the consequences of the legal proceedings and fully understand the expectations and conditions of the therapeutic court contract. 
  • The defendant must plead guilty* at time of opt -in (not at time of referral). DUI Court is not able to suspend mandatory sentences. 
  • The defendant must have cleared any outstanding warrants and/or pending cases 
  • The defendant must have two or more drug or alcohol -related driving offenses to participate in the DUI Court program

DUI Forms for Participants

DUI Court brochure (PDF)

Physician's Letter - VETCO/SAC/DUI Court

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