Therapeutic Specialty Courts

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District Court Therapeutic Specialty Courts

Clark County District Court offers five Therapeutic Specialty Court (TSC) programs: Veterans Therapeutic Court, Treatment Alternative Court, DUI Court, Mental Health Court and Community Court. Veterans Therapeutic Court and Mental Health Court both offer a combined District Court/Superior Court docket to serve participants with both misdemeanor and felony cases.

TSC programs offer treatment and other recovery support services in Clark County to help participants treat underlying substance use disorder (SUD), mental health, and/or co-occurring disorders while under the supervision of the court.  The mission for each program is simple: help participants to get re-established in the community; improve skills and self-sufficiency; reduce cycle of addiction and crime; and help restore and reunite families.  These programs are based on 10 key components of effective drug courts outlined by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, Therapeutic jurisprudence and evidence-based best practices in substance abuse treatment. 

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Veterans Therapeutic Court, DUI Court, Substance Abuse Court, and Mental Health Court

All four therapeutic specialty courts have weekly in-person dockets. In special circumstances only with prior permission, participants may be allowed to appear via Zoom. We continue to accept referrals, and new client opt-ins are held in person.  Please contact the TSC Office with any questions regarding the process. 

*For information on Drug Court, DOSA, and Family Treatment Court, visit Clark County Superior Court's Therapeutic Specialty Court page.