Electronic Home Monitoring Services


Clark County District Court Probation Services partners with 2Watch Monitoring to provide Electronic Home Monitoring services for pretrial and probation clients. In order to get signed up for Electronic Home Monitoring, you must meet with Probation to get a referral. 2Watch Monitoring will contact you once they receive a referral from the Probation or Pretrial Release Unit. Clients who need an interpreter will need to bring a family member or friend to their appointment to help with translation. 2watch monitoring does not provide translation services. 

Electronic Home Monitoring

Electronic Home Monitoring is used as an alternative to incarceration by confining an offender to “house arrest.” House arrest restricts the ​individual to their homes as ordered by the court, although they are allowed to go to verified employment ​ and other court-sanctioned activities in some cases. Their movements are monitored via an ankle device with a monitoring station.

Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM) 

Ankle trans-dermal testing measures alcohol concentration present in the insensible perspiration constantly produced and given off by the skin. If a person has been drinking, alcohol can be detected in the level of ethanol vapor present in their sweat.

To get setup for Electronic Home Monitoring or Alcohol Monitoring:
  • If you do not hear from 2Watch Monitoring within 48 hours, you need to call and set up an appointment to have your equipment installed
  • Appointments are Monday–Friday 9am to 4pm
  • The contact number is (564) 888-2977
  • At initial set up, you will need to pay a $35.00 setup fee, plus two weeks of the daily monitoring fee 
    **Please contact 2Watch Monitoring to determine the total due at time of appointment
  • Requirements to begin monitoring (Photo identification, initial payment, and referral form)
  • If Electronic Home Monitoring requirement is ordered, bring your most recent paystub to the appointment
Electronic Home Monitoring with Alert Notification- GPS

Below are the steps to take to have Electronic Home Monitoring with Alert Notification ankle monitor installed prior to your release:

  1. You, a family member, or a friend need to contact 2Watch Monitoring at (564) 888-2977 to make arrangements to pay for installation of the device
  2. Pay the installation cost of $380.00
  3. Once the installation fee is paid, 2Watch Monitoring will contact the Clark County Jail to set up a time to install the device - this can take up to 24 hours
  4. Once the device is installed, you can be released

2Watch Monitoring:
(564) 888-2977
7610 NE Hazel Dell Ave
Vancouver, WA 98665