Mental Health Court


Mental Health Court (MHC) is a Clark County Therapeutic Specialty Court that treats both misdemeanor and felony defendants on a combined District/ Superior Court docket. MHC offers eligible participants the chance to enter an alternative treatment program for defendants with serious and persistent mental illness. This intensive collaborative team approach is a partnership of people interested in supervising and assisting participants who are willing to make changes in their lives using best practice and evidence -based approaches. MHC now includes a “pre plea” program that accepts both misdemeanor and felony offenses. The Court still accepts post -plea cases as well for District Court only. To participate on a pre -plea basis, the defendant must voluntarily agree to waive his or her rights to a speedy and jury trial. The participant will also agree to a stipulated facts trial in the event of termination or opting out of the program. Finally, the defendant agrees to enter and abide by the conditions set forth in the program contract. If a participant successfully completes the program (graduates), the pending charges will be dismissed, with prejudice. 


The participant must: 
  • Be a Clark County legal resident age 18 or older 
  • Have a primary diagnosis of a major mental disorder and/or co -occurring substance use disorder and voluntarily want this treatment option
  • Have the mental capacity and ability to appreciate the consequences of the legal proceedings and fully understand the expectations and conditions of the Mental Health Court program and contract
  • Be approved for the pre -plea program by the Prosecuting Attorney or Vancouver City Attorney ’s Office
The participant must NOT have: 
  • Any serious violent offenses in criminal history 
  • Any other pending charges/outstanding warrants in any other jurisdiction 
  • Used a firearm in the commission of any crime

MHC Forms for Participants

Mental Health Court brochure (PDF)

Mental Health Court Participants' Handbook (PDF)

Physician's Letter - MHC