Treatment Alternative Court


For those who admit to having a drug and/or alcohol problem and want to make changes in their lives, Treatment Alternative Court (TAC) may be the answer. Through a coordinated strategy of court personnel, probation staff, and treatment providers, participants will receive substance use disorder evaluation, treatment, and supervision to help make healthier choices. 

The year long, pre-plea program is divided into 4 phases. Through the use of incentives and sanctions, the TAC team will monitor and help guide participants to keep on track with court and probation conditions, as well as head in the right direction of program completion. Charges may be eligible for dismissal at program commencement.


The participant must:
  • Be a Clark County legal resident age 18 or older
  • Admit to having a substance use disorder and voluntarily choose this treatment option
  • Volunteer for the program
The participant must NOT have: 
  • Any serious violent offenses in criminal history
  • Pending charges/outstanding warrants in any other jurisdiction
  • Used a firearm in the commission of any crime

Forms for Participants

Web Report Form