Filing Exhibits

  • Any exhibits/evidence you are wanting the court to take into consideration during your trial must be filed with the court at least ten (10) days prior to the trial. You must provide copies of any evidence you will be presenting to the opposing party at least ten (10) days prior to your trial date. If you fail to do this, your trial may be continued, or the judge may decide not to consider your evidence.
  • Evidence may be mailed or hand-delivered to the court and must be accompanied by the form “Stipulation for Return of Exhibits”. This form is available on the Clark County District Court website. Evidence which is emailed will not be accepted. All exhibits must be appropriately marked with the case number and name. Exhibits should be filed as a single packet. Exhibits may include photographs, contracts, lease agreements, receipts, estimates, cancelled checks or other documents that concern the case. Exhibits may also include copies or screenshots of text messages, emails, and other social media. If necessary, multiple photos and/or screenshots may be assembled on a single page.
  • All exhibits must be legible, clear and of good quality.
  • Parties should not submit inappropriate materials unless it is necessary to prove an allegation or defend against it. Please make appropriate redactions and remember anything submitted will become a part of public record unless otherwise sealed by the court.
  • Video and Audio recordings must be provided on a CD or DVD format and filed in person or by mail. It is the responsibility of the party introducing the evidence to provide the proper equipment for viewing such evidence.
  • Exhibits admitted into evidence will be retained for thirty (30) days after entry of the final judgment. If no appeal is pending, exhibits will be destroyed if not retrieved by the party introducing the evidence within fifteen (15) days after this 30-day period.