Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council


May is Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander and 
Jewish Awareness Month!

Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Jewish Heritage Month


IM Pei


Albert Einstein

Celebrate May 2024 - Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander
and Jewish Heritage Month Announcement 


- Brought to you by the Clark County District Court Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

District Court’s statement on diversity, equity, and inclusion values:

Here in District Court, we strongly believe in the value and the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are committed to making them central to our mission and vision as we serve our community and each other.

We celebrate diversity, because it brings innovation and offers unique perspectives and learning opportunities.

We are intentional with advancing equity, because it allows all of us to achieve great things while honoring individual uniqueness.

We champion inclusion, because when we belong, we are free to be our genuine best selves and build meaningful partnerships. 

To learn more about our work and the Court’s DE&I initiatives, please email your questions to: DistrictCourtDEI@clark.wa.gov