Frequently Asked Questions

There is always the chance of going to jail.

District Court can provide you with information on outstanding warrants within our jurisdiction. You can also contact the Clark County Sheriff's Office.

To clear a warrant(s) with District Court, you must appear in person at the District Court Administration office. There you will be checked in and sent into court.

- Non-DV walk-in warrants must check in Monday thru Friday at the front counter at 8:00am

- DV walk-in warrants must check in prior to 1:00pm Wednesday through Friday

The options you have are printed on the the ticket. You have three choices to take care of a traffic ticket.

  • Pay the ticket.
  • Admit that you committed the infraction but have an explanation for the circumstances. You can send your explanation through the mail or you can give your explanation in person by requesting a hearing. (Mitigation Hearing)
  • Challenge the infraction and request a court date. (Contested Hearing)
  • You must respond within 15 days from your violation date.

Generally infractions can be rescheduled one time. To find out if you can reschedule a hearing, call (564) 397-2424. Criminal citations involving alcohol or domestic violence cannot be rescheduled.

No Contact Orders are issued by the judge in response to a charge related to domestic violence. The order generally states that the defendant/respondent cannot contact the plaintiff/petitioner. The defendant must appear at the District Court Administration Office to schedule a hearing requesting to have the No Contact Order rescinded.

Generally you will have 15 days to pay your fine. If you wish to set up a time payment agreement with Signal Credit Management, forms are available online or at the District Court Administration Office between the hours of 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday or call Signal at (800) 874-1958.

You will need to call District Court at (564) 397-2424 for information regarding the deferred findings program.

For more information about the Deferred Findings program, click here.

You need to call Clark County Jail Records at (564) 397-2211 or click here

Yes, credit card payments can be made through Clark County District Court's Point & Pay Web site:

**You will need to know your case number to use the online payment system, which can be found by going to the following website:

Fines are sent to collections when they are delinquent. The account becomes delinquent when it is not paid within the time frame given by the court. Once the ticket has gone to collections you must send your payments to:

PO Box 11641
Tacoma, WA 98411 

Telephone number: 
(800) 456-8838

Once the fines have been paid in full and the court has been notified, clearance is sent to the Washington Department of Licensing and may take several business days to update. At your request, court staff can send an adjudication notice to another State DMV as needed.

Order for Protection-Any person who is a victim of domestic violence or fears violence by a "family or household member." (Persons who are married, have been married, or have a child in common, adult persons who are related or who reside(d) together and persons 16 years and older who have been or are dating.) You can call Superior Court Clerk's office at (564) 397-2292.

Anti-Harassment Order-Persons who are seriously alarmed, annoyed or harassed by conduct which serves no legitimate or lawful purpose. Person does not need to have a relationship with the person harassing them. You can call District Court at (564) 397-2424.

You need to call the District Court Customer Service at (564) 397-2424.

Please check the following Web site.