District Court Payment Plans


*This type of payment plan is for Infractions only

Infraction Payment Plans

Clark County District Court offers the opportunity for individuals to set up payment arrangements for infraction citations to allow payments to be made in monthly installments over time.


There are no additional fees associated with District Court payment plans; however, failure to pay in accordance with established payment plans will result in a one-time $52 late penalty.

What you need to provide

The completed request form with your current updated information (link below) – contact phone number and mailing address. Court staff will be in touch with you to finalize your payment plan request.

Payment Plan Request Form



District Court offers minimum monthly payment amounts based on the total amount of fines set up on an individual payment plan:

  • $25-$999 - $25 monthly minimum.
  • $1,000-$1,499 - $50 monthly minimum.
  • $1,500 or more - $75 monthly minimum.

District Court may work out an individualized payment plan amount. Please contact District Court at any time if you need further payment accommodations regarding your infraction payment plan.

District Court Accounting:  (564) 397-2188
Email:  District.PaymentPlan@clark.wa.gov


Larger or multiple payments will be accepted; however, there must be at least one payment made every month. Currently, District Court does not offer pre-payments for payment plans.


District Court does not provide statements or reminders.


A late payment may result in a one-time $52.00 penalty charge and your account could be assigned to collections. You can request a one-time 30-day extension by contacting District Court.

District Court Public Service: (564) 397-2424
District Court Accounting: (564) 397-2188



If no payment is received after 30 days, your accounts will be selected for collections, a $52.00 late fee will be imposed, and you will receive a notice letter from District Court referring you to set up a payment plan with Signal Management by a certain date.

If you receive this notice, and your accounts are not yet assigned to collections, you must contact District Court IMMEDIATELY to re-establish your court-sponsored payment plan. If you do not wish to continue with the court payment plan, you may set up a payment plan with Signal Management before defaulting to a collection agency.


Multiple infractions may be set up or added to an individual payment plan.


Absolutely. The payor will need to provide an associated citation/infraction number regarding your payment plan with the payment information.


Criminal citations may not be included in a court-sponsored payment plan at this time. If you wish to have infraction AND criminal citations combined into a single payment plan, you must make the request through our LFO (Legal Financial Obligation) process for review by our Judges.

Legal Financial Obligations (LFO) page

Or you may contact Signal Management, a third-party payment plan provider for District Court, to combine criminal and infraction fines; additional costs will be added.


You may make your payments online, in person, or by mail. District Court does not accept payments over the phone.

Court Payments & Fees page


It is okay to make your payment on the next business day.