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REQUEST A 30 DAY FINE PAYMENT EXTENSION -- If you need more time than 30 days, you may request a payment plan with Signal Management at (800) 874-1958.  This is a one-time only option.
CONTEST BY MAIL -- If you believe you did not commit the infraction, you may submit a written statement to the court explaining why you believe you did not commit the infraction, as well as any additional evidence you would like the court to consider. Court decisions under this option cannot be appealed.
MITIGATE BY MAIL --  If you agree you committed the infraction but are seeking a reduction in the cost of the ticket, you may request to mitigate your infraction.  Please note, the following infractions may not be mitigated: Speeding in a School Zone, Speeding in a Construction Zone, Failure to Initially Register Vehicle, Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle, Passing a School Bus with Red Light Flashing.
DEFERRED FINDINGS PROGRAM -- The deferred findings program allows you to keep your infraction(s) off your record and get it dismissed.  If you qualify for the deferred findings program, you will be required to pay a $150.00 non-refundable administrative fee. The court will set your ticket aside for one year. So long as you pay the administrative fee and do not get any other traffic infractions during the one-year deferral period, your ticket will be dismissed after one year. If you commit another traffic infraction within the one year deferral period, your original fine will become due.You may not receive more than one deferred finding every 7 years for a moving violation or more than one deferred finding every 7 years for a non-moving violation. You are eligible for the deferred findings program if: you are not a CDL holder, you were not driving a commercial vehicle at the time of the infraction, you were not cited for Negligent Driving Second Degree-Vulnerable User, and you have not received a deferred finding within the past seven years.The court may require the following additional information to consider you for the deferred findings program:- If you have an out-of-state license, you must provide a copy of your driver’s license.- If you were cited for Driving Without Proof of Insurance, Failure to Initially Register Vehicle, or Failure to Renew Registration, you must provide proof that your vehicle is now insured or is now properly registered.- If you were cited for Negligent Driving in the Second Degree, the court may require proof that you have completed any Washington certified Safe Driving level one course.
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