2020 Community Engagement and Advocacy Focus


Due to COVID-19, the Commission on Aging was not able to visit with the City Councils in 2020 and instead spent the latter part of 2020 focusing on the impact the pandemic had on older adults in Clark County. Please visit the meetings page for 2020 for information on what they covered.

The Commission on Aging is focusing this year on community engagement and advocacy. The commission’s goal is to travel throughout the county by visiting each city and holding joint meetings with city councils to

CoA Meeting

discuss issues related to older adults and livability of the communities within Clark County and getting feedback from local residents.

The commission and city councils will discuss challenges and opportunities for better supporting older adults in their city and surrounding area and look to the public for additional ideas.

Please check the meetings page for detailed meeting info.

Staff contacts: 

Jacqui Kamp, Planner III

Jenna Kay, Planner II