2025 Update

2025 Update Site-Specific Requests

Site-Specific Requests

As part of the 2025 Comprehensive Growth Management Plan update, Clark County Community Planning accepted site-specific comprehensive plan and zoning amendment requests through March 15, 2024. The application period is now closed. The next phase of the plan update process will be the creation of land use alternatives to be studied as part of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

Property owners and other interested parties may continue to submit letters and written comments throughout the periodic comprehensive plan update using the webpage form at: https://clark.wa.gov/community-planning/comp-plan-comments. Alternatively, these comments can be submitted by email to comp.plan@clark.wa.gov or in writing to: 

Community Planning
Comp Plan Comments
P.O. Box 9810
Vancouver WA 98666

For questions, please contact Community Planning staff listed on the menu to the right. 

Staff Contact

Bart Catching
Jose Alvarez, Program Manager


Requests Received

The map below is periodically updated to visually display the site-specific request for comprehensive plan and zoning amendments to be considered during the county's 2025 Comprehensive Growth Management Plan update. These requests can also be found on the 2025 Update Public Comment webpage.

2025 Comp Plan Update: Site-Specific Requests Map App (click here for full view)

Last Update: 2/15/2024