Planning Commission


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Appointed by the Clark County Council, the Planning Commission serves as an advisory board on matters related to physical development of land in the unincorporated area. The role of the Planning Commission is primarily legislative because its members review policy proposals with general applicability, specific applicability, such as annual review applications, and occasionally those which could be considered quasi-judicial.

The Planning Commission consists of seven citizens. Their districts are the same as the council districts shown below.

   Name Position Term Limit Term Expires District 
Jack Harroun     1 4 years 12/31/2026 District 1
Bryant Enge     2 6 years 12/31/2025 District 2

Steve Morasch

    3 6 years 12/31/2024 District 1
Matt Swindell     4 6 years 12/31/2023 District 5

Eldon Wogen

    5 4 years 12/31/2025 District 5
Karl Johnson, Chair     6 4 years 12/31/2026 District 5
Bryan Halbert     7 6 years 12/31/2023

District 2

*Completing an unfinished term

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