Overview - Annual Reviews and Dockets (Plan Amendments)


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On Tues., Sept. 6, County Council voted 4-0 in favor of a resolution to suspend the annual site specific comprehensive plan review and amendment cycle from October 1, 2022 through September 30, 2025. 

The Annual Review  process allows property owners to request changes to their property’s comprehensive plan and zoning designations. These changes could allow property owners to use their property for activities not currently permitted under its existing designation.

The Docket process provides a means for suggested improvements in comprehensive plans and development regulations submitted by interested persons, hearing examiners and staff of other agencies.

Once an Annual Review application has been submitted and/or a Docket item added to Community Planning's work program, staff reviews the proposal and provides a recommendation to the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission reviews and provides a recommendation to the County Council. The Council holds a hearing on each application and/or docket item for review and issues a final decision.

  • For more information on Annual Reviews and the current cases being processed, visit the Annual Review page.
  • For more information on Dockets and the current cases being processed, visit the Docket page.
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Bart Catching, Planner III