2025 Update

2025 Update EIS

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County Issues Determination of Significance and Request for Comments on Scope of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

May 15, 2024 - This notice announces the County’s intent to prepare an EIS on the proposed update to the Clark County Comprehensive Plan. The environmental impact review process under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) will be used to inform the public of the choices between the proposed growth alternatives.

Comments must be submitted in writing by 5pm Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Attend an Open House: Clark County is holding a comment period and four open houses about planning for development and studying potential impacts as the next step in updating the local Comprehensive Growth Management Plan.  All in-person open houses are 7–8:30 p.m. Each event will start with a presentation at 7:15 p.m. followed by time to visit stations to view additional information, talk to staff, and submit comments.

  • May 28: Ridgefield High School Commons, 2630 S Hillhurst Road
  • May 29: Vancouver Community Library, Columbia Room, 920 C St.
  • May 30: Battle Ground Community Center, Lewis River Room, 912 East Main St.
  • May 15 – June 5: Online, self-paced option. Click here to access. 

Translation services may be available upon request. Request must be sent to comp.plan@clark.wa.gov by Thursday, May 23, 2024.  

Los servicios de traducción pueden estar disponibles si los solicita. Se debe enviar la solicitud a comp.plan@clark.wa.gov antes del 5-23-24. 

Услуга письменного перевода может быть предоставлена по запросу. Запрос необходимо направить на адрес comp.plan@clark.wa.gov до 23.05.24.

可应要求提供翻译服务。 请求必须在 2024  23 日之前发送至 comp.plan@clark.wa.gov

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Project Overview

Clark County is revising its Comprehensive Growth Management Plan. As part of the process, the county will prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS) in compliance with the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). The review process will keep the public informed about environmental impacts anticipated under each of the proposed growth alternatives. Agencies, affected tribes and the public will be invited to comment during key steps in the EIS process.

What is SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act)?

SEPA, enacted in 1971, is intended to provide information to agencies, applicants, and the public to encourage the development of environmentally sound proposals. It applies to actions made at all levels of government within Washington State. The environmental review process involves the identification and evaluation of probable environmental impacts, and the development of mitigation measures that will reduce adverse environmental impacts. Clark County is preparing an EIS to ensure that environmental values are considered during the Comprehensive Plan update process. 

Public participation is an important part of the environmental review.  At the outset of the process, agencies, tribes, and the public are invited to comment on the range of alternatives, areas of potential impact, possible mitigation measures, and other relevant topics they feel should be evaluated within the EIS. Agencies, tribes, and the public are again invited to comment on the Draft EIS to improve the completeness, accuracy, and objectivity of the environmental analysis. Key dates for public involvement are provided in the Timeline section above.

Key EIS Documents

Key EIS documents will be saved in the comprehensive plan document library.

EIS Timeline

2024 Comp Plan Progress Graphic 05-09-24

Key dates in the EIS process (subject to change):

  • Threshold determination: May 15, 2024
  • Scoping comment period: May 15 – June 5, 2024
  • Scoping open houses:
    • May 28: Ridgefield High School Commons, 7-8:30pm
    • May 29: Vancouver Community Library, 7-8:30pm
    • May 30: Battle Ground Community Center, 7-8:30pm
    • May 15-June 5: online, self-paced
  • Draft EIS published: February 14, 2025
  • Draft EIS comment period: Feb. 14 – Mar. 16, 2025
  • Final EIS published: By Sep. 15, 2025