Commission on Aging

Silver Citizen Award

Clark County recognizes that older adults are valuable contributors to the vitality of this community. To encourage and support older adults for their contributions, the Clark County Commission on Aging has established a program to recognize older adults by means of an annual award presented at a Commission on Aging event. This video gives additional details about the Silver Citizen Award program.

Nomination entries are strongly encouraged to paint an interesting picture of their nominee through descriptive explanation of their service and accomplishments. Tell their story. (Complete and succinctly written nominations are given ideal consideration.)

Qualification Criteria:

  • Individual must be 60 years of age or older and a resident of Clark County.

  • Major emphasis should be placed on contributions to the community made by the individual after reaching age 60.

  • Individual must have enhanced the community through their life’s work, engagement of others, volunteerism and or other impactful acts of service to the community for any age group.

  • Service in any field of endeavor should be considered (e.g., education, radio, television, business, healthcare, art, music, journalism, faith-based, athletics, politics, volunteer service).

  • A couple may receive the award jointly when both have been involved in service and various community endeavors.

Nominations for the 2023 Silver Citizen Award are now closed. Please consider nominating for the 2024 award.   

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