Housing Options Study and Action Plan

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Upcoming Advisory Group Meetings

The next Housing Project Advisory Group meeting will be July 27 at 3 p.m. via Zoom. Meeting information can be found on the the meetings page.

Project Overview

Housing is at the core of vibrant communities, supporting downtowns, job growth, and institutions. However, Clark County and other communities across Washington are struggling to provide the variety and quantity of housing options that residents need. 

Clark County has jurisdiction over a large urban area with a population of 159,000, not incorporated into the City of Vancouver. By comparison, the City of Vancouver population is 187,000. County Council is interested in continuing their work in identifying barriers and opportunities to provide more variety of housing types in this urban area.

The Clark County Housing Options Study and Action Plan will identify housing challenges within the unincorporated Vancouver Urban Growth Area and opportunities to encourage development of housing that is affordable to a variety of household incomes through the removal of regulatory barriers and/or implementation of other strategies. These strategies are needed to help ensure future generations have access to affordable, quality and diverse housing opportunities.

Staff Contacts

Jacqui Kamp
Planner III/Project Manager
564.397.4913 or jacqui.kamp@clark.wa.gov

Jenna Kay
Planner III
564.397.4968 or jenna.kay@clark.wa.gov

Video introducing the Housing Options Study and Action Plan project (3m 48s) 

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Information is available in an alternate language by request to jenna.kay@clark.wa.gov.

La información está disponible en otros idiomas previa solicitud a jenna.kay@clark.wa.gov.

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Please note: Final, approved project documents are posted to the "Project Library" page.

Project Events, County Council, and Planning Commission Meetings

Project Events

May 11, 2021 at 6-7:30 p.m. via Zoom - Public Meeting - Introduction to Housing Options Study and Action Plan - News Release

Participants will view a presentation on initial research before sharing questions and comments.

Meeting recording (video)

Meeting materials

County Council

April 7, 2021 - Council Work Session - Project update - 10 a.m.

Work Session Video

Jan. 5, 2021 - Council Meeting on Project Advisory Group Appointments

Council Meeting Agenda / Council Meeting Minutes

Nov. 3, 2020 - Council Hearing on Public Participation Plan - 10 a.m. - Video

Council Meeting Agenda / Council Meeting Minutes

Sept. 30, 2020 - Council Time - Project update - Council Time Audio

Council Time Agenda / Council Time Minutes

March 24, 2020 - Council Hearing on Consultant Contract - Council Meeting Video

Council Meeting Agenda / Minutes

Oct. 2, 2019 - Council Work Session - Housing Innovation Update and Continuation - Video

Planning Commission

April 15, 2021 - Planning Commission Work Session - Project update - 5:30 p.m.

Information on how to attend the Webex meeting will be posted to the Planning Commission meeting page.