Buildable Lands Report


The 2015 Clark County Buildable Lands Report (BLR) fulfills the ongoing reporting requirements stipulated in RCW 36.70A.215. This is the third buildable lands review and evaluation report completed by the county and its cities. The BLR is based on actual development densities observed since 2006 and answers two key growth-related questions; 1) is residential development in the urban growth areas occurring at the densities contained in the comprehensive plan and 2) is there an adequate land supply in the urban growth areas to support the anticipated future growth in population and employment.


Current Report

2016-2022 BLR, June 2022

Previous Reports

2006-2014 BLR, June 2015 (Amended)

2000-2006 BLR, August 2007 (Amended)

1995-2000 BLR, August 2002

2000-2004 Plan Monitoring Report, June 2005

1995-1999 Plan Monitoring Report, July 2000


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If you have any questions regarding the 2015 BLR or the Buildable Lands Program, please contact Jose Alvarez at 564.397.4898 or