Annual Reviews


The Annual Review process allows property owners to request changes to their property’s comprehensive plan and zoning designations. These changes could allow property owners to use their property for activities not currently permitted under its existing designation.

Once an Annual Review application has been submitted, staff reviews the proposal and provides a recommendation to the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission reviews and provides a recommendation to the Clark County Council. The County Council holds a hearing on each application for review and issues a final decision. 

*New Type IV Pre-Application Conference and Annual Review Application Submittal Guidelines*
  1. You must create an LMS account before applying for any cases below.
  2. Once you have created your LMS account, email the completed Application (see link above) to to have your PAC or Annual Review case created. Please note: the contact on the application will be the person that maintains the LMS account and will upload information/items and pay fees.
  3. A staff member will email a case number, fee sheet and application summary to you. You will then upload the application items. Please note: each checklist item must be a separate PDF file: 1. Application, 2. Narrative, etc. Once you have uploaded the items and paid the fees, you must email to notify us your submittal is complete. Add the case number in the subject line of your email. Your case will then be routed for the completeness check.

If you have questions on which case or process you need to use, email



Pre-application Conferences

Clark County requires a pre-application conference before accepting a formal application for all Annual Reviews. The conference provides an opportunity for property owners or their representatives to explore their situation with county staff. Members of the public may attend, however, the schedule does not allow for public comment during this time. Pre-application conferences for Annual Reviews are scheduled between Oct. 1 - Dec. 31 for the following year. 

2022 Pre-applications
2021 Pre-applications

2021 Annual Reviews

*Information will be posted as available.

Annual Reviews

CPZ2021-00002 Hua-Symes Comprehensive Plan Amendment

A proposal to amend the comprehensive plan and zoning maps from Rural 20 (R-20) comprehensive plan designation with Rural (R-20) zoning to Rural 5 (R-5) comprehensive plan designation with Rural (R-5) zoning on one parcel (224202000) with a total of 24.7 acres.

CPZ2021-00003 Herrejon

A proposal to amend the comprehensive plan map and zoning map from Commercial (Neighborhood Commercial) to Urban Low Residential (R1-6) on a parcel, approximately 2 acres, located at the intersection of NE 99th St. and NE 107th Ave.

CPZ2021-00004 Defrees 84th Ave

A proposal to amend the comprehensive plan and zoning maps from Rural 20 (R-20) comprehensive plan designation with Rural (R-20) zoning to Rural 5 (R-5) comprehensive plan designation with Rural (R-5) zoning on two parcels (225373000 and 225375000) with a total of 51.91 acres.

CPZ2021-00005 New Heights Central Rezone

A proposal to amend the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning maps from Urban Low (R1-7.5) zoning to Commercial with Community Commercial (CC) zoning on eleven parcels, totaling 14 acres.

CPZ2021-00006 Chelatchie Bluff Mineral LA

A proposal to amend the Comprehensive plan and Zoning maps to add a surface mining overlay with a current zoning designation of FR-80 and comprehensive plan designation of Forest Tier - 1 on four parcels, totaling 330 acres.

Public Meet​ings

Amendments to the comprehensive plan, map, and development regulations require a legislative process which includes public work sessions and hearings before the Planning Commission and County Council.  Depending on the project, other informational meetings may occur, such as open houses or presentations to other county advisory boards.

All Planning Commission and Council work sessions and hearings are held at the Public Service Center, 1300 Franklin St., sixth-floor, Vancouver and are televised by CVTV.

Other meetings and presentations will be posted on the project's webpage (links above).

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Clark County Code Title 40.510 and 40.560

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