Schools Advisory Council


The County Council created the Schools Advisory Council in 2017. The original ideas to establish the Council are as follows:

  • A forum to jointly collaborate with elected officials and the community
  • To develop a joint understanding of school issues
  • To formulate recommendations on issues as a single entity

The Purpose and Charge of the Schools Advisory Council


The County Council is spearheading a countywide Clark County Schools Advisory Council (SAC) to help the community develop a common understanding of Clark County school issues; recommend policy and legislative initiatives; and foster excellent learning opportunities.


Role: SAC would represent a wide range of interests. 

Members would work to understand, discuss, and seek consensus on regional school issues.
Develop recommendations and identify an implementation strategy.
Members would be liaisons between constituents and the schools, representing the community as a whole.

Develop recommendations that reflect a broad and balanced range of community needs, interests, expectations and perspectives.

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