Historic Preservation


The cornerstone of Clark County’s heritage is its historic structures, residential and commercial, in addition to its cemeteries, bridges, barns, monuments, archaeological and cultural resources. These are the legacies of the Native Americans, early settlers, and residents who shaped the land and the history of the region. The goal of Clark County’s Historic Preservation Program is to protect the historic elements of our community through advocacy, education, and regulation. See the Historic Preservation Commission's "Why preserve?" statement.

Who We Are

Clark County’s Historic Preservation Commission is a body of volunteers dedicated to the protection and preservation of our county’s architectural and historic resources. Through the designation of historic properties and review of proposed alterations to locations of historic significance, the commission ensures that our history is preserved for future generations.

Commissioners each hold a specific expertise in the field of historic preservation and serve on the commission for three years, utilizing city and county regulations and bylaws to protect our historic resources. Click here to meet your current commissioners.

What We Do

The Clark County Historic Preservation Program, which includes the Clark County Historic Preservation Commission (CCHPC), serves as a primary resource on historic preservation for Clark County and its cities. The Preservation Program:

  • Advocates for heritage resources throughout the county,
  • Raises awareness about historic preservation,
  • Provides educational opportunities,
  • Offers grants for non-profit and governmental heritage organizations, and
  • Provides financial incentives for historic property owners.

The CCHPC oversees the Clark County Historic Register including approving applications for new register listings and reviewing proposed design changes to registered properties. 

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Staff Contacts

Susan Ellinger, Planner III

Bart Catching, Planner III

Commission News and Announcements

Historical Promotion Grants

On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, The Clark County Council approved the Historic Preservation Commission’s recommendation to fund two projects for the 2024 Historical Promotion Grant program at a total amount of $36,009.17. 

On Wednesday, February 7, the Historic Preservation Commission voted to recommend one additional project for the 2024 Historical Promotion Grant program, bringing the total to $37,572.17. The recommendation was approved by Clark County Council on February 27.

Historic Preservation Commission Member Recruitment

Two positions on the commission are now open for recruitment. If you have interest in applying, please see this announcement.



Join a Meeting

You can help us preserve Clark County’s legacy by attending our meetings to learn about current developments in our community. Meetings are held at 6 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month. You can join us in person, by video link or phone call. 

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