Historic Preservation


Program News

The Clark County Historic Preservation Commission invites the public to hear a presentation on the findings of the mid-century modern architectural survey project. The project was to research and identify the county’s mid-century architectural resources.

The presentation is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 1 at 6 p.m. during the Clark County Historic Preservation Commission virtual meeting.

Commission meetings currently are being held virtually on the Webex platform. For information on how to join and participate in a commission online meeting, please visit the commission's meeting page.

Program Overview

Historic buildings and properties, and archeological and cultural resources, are the cornerstone of Clark County’s heritage. They are the legacy of the Native Americans, early settlers, and residents who shaped the land and the history of the region. Although Clark County is rich in properties of the past, the future of historic preservation is up to us. Historic Preservation programs rely on citizen involvement to protect and restore historic sites in our community.

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