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2025 Update

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The draft Public Participation Plan (PPP) is now available for public review and comment.

Community Planning has drafted a PPP for the county's 2025 Periodic Update of the Comprehensive Plan. The PPP's purpose is to identify the scope of the proposed update, when legislative action is expected, and how the public can participate or comment. It also describes the steps the County will take to provide opportunities for public engagement.

Your feedback will help inform the next draft of this document. We hope you share your feedback. Here are some questions to consider as you review:

  1. Are there any specific organizations/groups that Community Planning staff should engage with as community partners/interested parties?
  2. Given the limited resources of local governments, what other tools or approaches, not currently listed in the draft Public Participation Plan, should the county consider for communicating and engaging with the public?

Comments can be submitted using any of the following:

Public comments can be submitted until 5 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2023.

Community Planning staff will review and consider all comments and prepare a final draft to present to the County Council at a work session to be scheduled. Updated information will be posted to this webpage as dates are finalized.


Project Overview

Clark County is conducting a periodic review of its Comprehensive Plan (Plan) as required by the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA). The county is required to complete its update by June 30, 2025. The Plan, originally adopted in 1994 and last updated in 2016, is a long-range policy guide for how the county plans to manage growth and development over a twenty-year period. The GMA requires jurisdictions to periodically update their comprehensive plan and development regulations to bring them up to date with:

  • Changes to state law,
  • Land use changes,
  • Population growth projections, and
  • Housing projections.

The Comprehensive Plan guides County decisions related to land use; housing; capital facilities and utilities; rural and natural resources; transportation; economic development; parks, open space and recreation; schools; historic preservation; environment; community design; shoreline; and annexation.

The focal point of the County’s long-range planning is the County’s Comprehensive Plan and its Capital Facilities Plan which help with policy, financing and development regulation decisions over the 20-year period.

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Staff Contacts

Jacqui Kamp, Program Manager

Jose Alvarez, Planner III