Historical Promotion Grants Program


Historical Promotion Grants Program - Suspended for 2021

The Clark County Historic Promotions Grant program will be suspended in 2021. No new grants will be awarded in 2021.The fund balance fluctuates every year because it is dependent on the collection of document recording fees. A one year suspension will  allow the fund balance reserves to grow to a healthy level to support historic  preservation programs.  This suspension does not impact Historic Promotions Grants that were awarded in 2020.


RCW 36.22.170 allows the county to impose a $1 surcharge on filing fees to be used, at the discretion of the council, to promote historical preservation or historical programs, including preservation of historical documents. To make grant annual recommendations, the Historical Promotion Grants Program was initiated in 2006.

The Historical Promotion Grants program is designed to increase awareness and education to better preserve, exhibit, and/or interpret local history and historic preservation.

The Historic Preservation Commission reviews applications in the fall and submits recommendations to the County Council in November. Final grant awards occur in December, and funding is available in January.



Applicants must be either a non-profit organization or public entity, tax exempt under the regulations of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, that either (1) operates or owns a museum or similar historical institution within the boundaries of Clark County which promotes our local history, or (2) performs educative, interpretive, or similar activities within the boundaries of Clark County which promotes our local history.



Historical Promotion Grant Application Information and Guidelines

Grantee Financial Reporting Forms

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Jacqui Kamp