Climate Change Planning

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Clark County Climate Environmental Justice Coalition to meet on Apr. 1 at 3:30pm. Learn more here.

Project Overview

With the passage of E2SHB 1181 during the 2023 Washington state legislative session, Clark County is now required to add a Climate Change Element to its Comprehensive Plan by June 30, 2025. This work will be integrated into the 2025 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Review project.

The legislation creates a new mandate for Clark County that crosscuts a lot of topics in the comprehensive plan, like transportation, land use, parks, capital facilities and utilities, environmental, economic development, and adds requirements related to health disparities and environmental justice.

The new Climate Change Element needs to include a greenhouse gas reduction subelement and a resilience subelement. 

The Washington State Department of Commerce developed guidance for local governments to follow as part of this legislation. 

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Project Advisory Groups

Learn more about the Community Advisory Group (CAG)

Learn more about the Environmental Justice Coalition (EJC)

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