Certificate of Appropriateness


Properties on the Clark County Heritage Register may require a Certificate of Appropriateness before work can be done to the property that affects its historic features or requires a building permit. Ordinary repair and maintenance generally does not require a certificate of appropriateness, however please contact appropriate Historic Preservation Commission staff before proceeding with any maintenance or repair work.

Review process

There are two types of reviews for a Certificate of Appropriateness, Administrative Review and Commission Review. Administrative Reviews include small repairs or exact replacements of materials and are conducted by Clark County or City of Vancouver staff.

Commission Review is for projects that include alterations in appearance, replacement of historic material (other than in-kind), new construction or additions, alteration in the appearance of a significant contributing feature, the replacement of historic material (other than in-kind) in a significant feature, additions to a CCHR structure, or new construction on a CCHR property or in a historic district. These reviews are considered during a public hearing. Reviews are conducted at no cost to the property owner.

Contact staff for more questions about these processes.

Application forms and guidelines

Certificate of Appropriateness

Historic Preservation Commission - Rules and Procedures - Design Review (Certificate of Appropriateness)

Clark County Code 40.230.050 Historic Preservation - 40.250.030(F) Review of Changes to CCHR Properties – Certificate of Appropriateness Process.

Staff contacts

Susan Ellinger, Planner III

Bart Catching, Planner III