Commission on Aging

2021 Silver Citizen Award Recipient

2021 Silver Citizen Award Recipient - Carol Starbuck

 Clark County recognizes that older adults are valuable contributors to the vitality of this community. To encourage and support older adults for their contributions to their communities, the Clark County Commission on Aging established the Silver Citizen Award program to recognize older adults who go above and beyond in service.

The recipient of the 2021 Silver Citizen Award is Carol Starbuck. Ms. Starbuck is 77 years old, a resident of Camas, and serves as a volunteer with the Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) Northwest. As a TIP volunteer, Carol may be requested 24/7 and 365 days a year to serve the community in emergencies when immediate, practical, and emotional support to loved ones is needed in the midst of a crisis, usually when a death has occurred. Carol has responded to more than 241 scenes of tragedy and served 902 clients in the Clark County area. She quietly but confidently supports her fellow community members on the worst days of their lives.

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The award recognizes the valuable contributions older adults make to the vitality of the community and is open to any county resident 65 years or older who has enhanced the community through their life’s work, engagement of others, volunteerism and/or other impactful acts of service to the community for any age group. Service in any field of endeavor will be considered (e.g., education, radio, television, business, healthcare, art, music, journalism, faith-based, athletics, politics, volunteer service). A couple may receive the award jointly when both have been involved in service and various community endeavors.